Grand commencement ceremony was held in HPU

Grand commencement ceremony

Zhu Xun, honorary president is present at the ceremony

Secretary Wang Shaoan confers certificate for the graduates

President Zou Youfeng gives his congratulation to the graduates

In the morning of Jun 22, the commencement ceremony of 2013 & certificate conferring ceremony were held in new campus of HPU. Vice secretary Zhou Zhiyuan presided over the ceremony.

Zhu Xun, honorary president presented the ceremony together with president Zou youfeng and other vice presidents of HPU and all graduates 2013. Vice president Zhou Ying and Wei Zhongling announced the name list of the graduates respectively. Then all leader present conferred certificate to all graduate students. Representatives from the students and their parents expressed their gratitude for HPU.

President Zou Youfeng sent his congratulation to all graduates firstly, he said with enthusiasm:
“After several years hard work, HPU and all students pursued the same goal---a brilliant future. Many talents realized their dreams in HPU. In order to achieve higher target, we have to say farewell to our dear teachers and friends here. I sincerely hope that:                                        

1.To be a talent with ideal and responsibility and learn to relate personal dream to China dream together. To make ones own contribution to national great revival.

2.To be consistent in studying, remember the proverb “It’s never old to learn”. Never forget the motto of HPU. To be a true man who abides by the truth, to protect and spread the truth and shoulder up ones responsibility to build a welfare society.

3.To be a good man and good doer too. To be successful so as to repay the society, bearing the notion of generosity, to be realistic and trustful one of all your leaders and peers.

4. To care the development of HPU and help her anytime as you can. Simultaneously, HPU will assist all her students as she had done. She is the forever paradise for her students.

All graduates got their certificate from the leaders present and took photo with them to memorize the moment.

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