An “Earth Hour” Activity Organized

    In order to raise awareness of environmental protection and improvement, we organized “Earth Hour” second time. The theme of this activity was “live for blue”. The activity was supported by some relevant departments. The sponsor propagated by electronic screen, posters and leaflets.

    The activity included signing for promoting of energy conservation, relay race for environmental protection in campus, low-carbon candlelight concert, playing propaganda films, and speech about energy conservation. A lot of teachers and students signed for energy conservation. 50 students attended relay race. In evening, the lights were shut down. Some students posed image “60+” with 107 candles. 107 indicated 2016 was the 107th anniversary of our university's foundation. They played propaganda films on electrical screen, volunteers making several fiery speech.

    This activity increased the interest for teachers and students to join environmental protection. It also improved environmental protection’s idea of green and low-carbon lifestyle.

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