Notice on Organizing the 2nd Henan College Students Taiwan Summer Camp

24th April, 2012


All students,

Receiving the 71th circular (2012) from the Educational Department: in order to implement the spirit of enhancing the educational exchange of Henan and Taiwan proposed by the provincial party committee leaders, and also promote the communication of college students in both Henan and Taiwan, according to the arrangement of Taiwan educational exchange of Henan Province this year, the Education Department is planning to organize some universities to join in the 2nd Henan College Students Taiwan Summer Camp in mid-July to late. To perform a good task of organizing the summer camp, the relevant specifics are as follows:

1. Activity aims

Through the educational, cultural and technological exchange, both sides of college students can better the mutual understanding. The college students in Henan can obviously comprehend the development of the society and higher education, experience the campus life,appreciate the local customs in Taiwan. Meanwhile, it is also a way to show the active mental outlooks of college students in Henan, and promote Central Plains Culture.

2. Schedule

In the mid-July to late (8 days)

3. Quota allocation

10 undergraduates and diploma students in the main campus of HPU.

4. Recommended conditions and requirements

1) Full-time undergraduates and junior college students in the main campus of HPU.

2) Well-behaved and progressive students with strong capacity of communication, self-management and adaptation.

3) Excellent academic performances and some specialty.

4) Good health without any chronic disease.

5) Approve and accept any arrangement of Taiwan exchange activities.

5. Cost

This activity will cost 10600 RMB/person, and the Education Department offers the subsidy of 5400RMB/person. Each university provides a financial support of 2600 RMB/person, and each student need pay 2600 RMB.

6. Recommendation

1) Students can apply voluntarily according to the recommendation conditions, and submit the application form to your college before 9 am on 26th April, 2012.

2) Each college, after carefully examining under the recommendation conditions, selects 1-2 better qualified undergraduates or junior college students, and hand in the students’ application forms and the summary sheet (see appendix II) to Student Branch of Students’ Affairs Management Department before 4 pm. on 26th April, 2012. Application is not accepted after the deadline.

3) Based upon the recommendations of each college, HPU will select 10 better qualified students as the candidates for the 2nd Henan College Students Taiwan Summer Camp.


Appendix I: Application Form of the 2nd Henan College Students Taiwan Summer Camp

Appendix II: Summary Sheet of the 2nd Henan College Students Taiwan Summer Camp


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