Recruiting for the Summer Seminar in Taiwan Yuda University

24th May, 2012

All students,

As a friendly-cooperative school of HPU, Yuda University is planning to hold a 11-day summer seminar in this summer vacation. Including study and investigation, this seminar enables students not only to obtain the credits (2 credits in 11 days) within a short period by taking courses, but also to gain an insight into the universities and the society of Taiwan.

1. Time: 8th July, 2012 to 31st August, 2012

2. Please see the appendix for the specific itinerary and optional courses, etc.

3. Cost list






Plan for 2 credits in 11 days

Credit fees

2 credit-course



Boarding fees

School arranges boarding


Including water and electricity fees, air-conditioner fees and bedding

Traveling fees

Half-day tour, one-day tour, two-day tour



Incidental fees

Relevant administrative cost like Taiwan entry permit application, etc


Pay at the time of registration




Note: 1. Material fees are based on the selected courses.

    2. The cost above excludes the round-trip tickets and personal cost.

    3. Students could have meals on/off the campus, about 10-25 RMB / meal.

    4. Students live in the school dormitory during learning courses, 4-6 people/room; and live in four-person rooms of four-star hotels during traveling.


4. Application deadline:

Please register in International Cooperation and Exchange Office (Room 414 of Complex Building 2) before 1st, June, 2012.

Contact: Mr. Sun                        Tel: 3987076

Appendix: 1.A brief introduction of Taiwan Yuda University

          2. Arrangement for the 11-day seminar

          3. Optional course list

          4. Expedition list

          5. Application form for 2012 Summer Seminar of Taiwan Yuda University


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